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Kurt Walther is a unique abstract artist who uses layered block prints, printed objects, line, found objects and washes of colour to create multi layered paintings. Some of his works are evocative of dystopic or atrophied cities and speak to the chaotic nature of human achievement. They are peopled with images of tarsiers, flowers, forests and frogs with a mycelial plant and fungal life growing over the ruins. Other pieces are placid under water or pastoral scapes. Kurt's works are filled with an intriguing business of colour, image and line.


Kurt is also a bassist, guitarist, writer, arranger and teacher of music whose career spans four decades. His works include some fourty releases with various artists including a Juno award winning song with the Drew Nelson Band and the Musician magazine Best Unsigned Band award for “Kommen Een Dair Karz” with the Angstones. Among his other production and composition credits are recordings with  Dutch Mason, John Findlay, the Angstones (founding member), the Jivewires,(also a founding member), Andrea and the Funguys, Marlene Mc Donald, Natalia and Montuno , Lynn Miles, Bob Farrell, and numerous other artists. He has won awards for his choral composition.

Kurt has written ten music instruction books and is a respected pedagogue and mentor. He is a welcome addition to any musical project or classroom.

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